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  • User Description:, the monument emphasized employees' identification, which is currently silenced in the public space. At Vila Sunce, our hotel facing the lake, the proprietor grilled freshly caught trout over an open hearth. He was using his good arm; the other had been left ineffective by a warfare injury. As we ate the smoky fish, a neighbor’s birthday party was going down within the eating room, filling the inn with merriment. It was simply previous excessive season at Boračko, however Keserović reminisced about how, in the summer, he and his associates would escape the harshness of the city to kayak and swim on this placid mountain lake.This paper looks at youth activism in Mostar through a selected action occurring in 2016, when an electrical substation was overpainted within the neighbourhood of Rudnik. The project highlighted the rights of the miners to emphasize that other than ethnic identities may be brought ahead by way of cultural heritage. The paper goals to broaden the spectrum of heritage values to encompass the concept of dignity. The monument served to induce a way of dignity on two levels. Firstly, people got the agency to influence the monument.Guesthouse Letnja Basta is a family affair; a younger man manages it, while his mom and sister do the cooking on the same woodstove that also heats the home. We sat at a long guest desk, where the ladies served us a dinner of cabbage slaw, tomatoes from exterior Sarajevo, a agency Bosnian cheese harking back to feta, and the best roasted potatoes, unearthed that morning from their backyard. Bread and rooster adopted, then local lamb with rice and peas. The feeling was convivial and warm, and after some time we went upstairs to fall into our beds, slightly drunk and pleasantly stuffed.Natural and human disasters proceed to destroy historic city fabrics worldwide. Challenging these arguments, I first draw from literature on theming to argue that it is exactly "fakeness" that enables individuals to assemble a way of authenticity in rebuilt urban areas.Next, I show how preoccupations with participation and justice can paradoxically lead professionals to advance the same universalistic, undemocratic heritage approach that they claim to contest. By enabling numerous individuals to negotiate a way of the previous, confront each other, and share new aspirations for the long run, identical reconstructions are heritage as a lot as, if no more than, other "historic" urban fabrics.Mostar’s many reconstructed landmarks are a testomony to the city’s commitment to its heritage — and, no less than when I was there, a draw for teeming throngs of international tourists. At night time from the lodge, as I watched the lights of the bridge dance on the water, I caught the sounds of the Notorious B.I.G. enjoying from a close-by café. Was there anything left of Bosnia’s lengthy legacy of tolerance and variety?

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