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  • Location: Deutscheck, Wien, Singapore
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  • User Description: Beware of blackmail attempts by strangers who threaten you in exchange for bitcoins. This usually happens via e-mail: the sender sends a message claiming to have hacked your computer and to operate via remote desktop (RDP). The sender claims that they have installed a keylogger and that your webcam was used to record something you did but would not want to be shared. The sender provides two options: you can send them bitcoins to make that material disappear, or you can do nothing and that content will be sent to all your email contacts and on your social networks. Scammers use stolen email lists and other user information to repeat this type of operation on thousands of people en masse.As avoid scam crypto became more popular, more and more people have been looking to buy it. Unfortunately, some bad guys took advantage of this and set up bogus bitcoin exchanges. These exchanges can deceive users by offering extremely competitive market prices that lead to quick and easy access to such cheap bitcoins as a bargain. When buying or selling bitcoins, make sure you are using a reliable exchange.Due to the viral nature of information spread across the internet, scam mers try to take advantage of people by offering free bitcoins or other digital currencies, in exchange for sending a small fee for registration or some personal information. If you notice a similar scam on a website or social network, it is best to immediately report the content as fraudulent, so that others do not fall victim to it.Identity theftUnfortunately, it is very easy for scammers to create an account on a social network by posing as another person. They often wait until the person they are trying to impersonate posts content. At that point the scam mer responds with a follow-up message or call to action, such as a giveaway, using an account that looks almost identical to the original one. In this way it seems that the author is the very original person. Alternatively, through private or direct messages, using a fake account, scammers can invite them to take some kind of action in an attempt to defraud. When in doubt it is best not to participate in giveaways, and if you receive a strange request from someone on your network, it is best to double check to confirm the authenticity of that person's identity, via multiple means of communication.

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