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  • User Description: With an unprecedented singing style and a fantastic amount of talent, Alicia Keys is one super star who has generated a career which has lasted 20 years in the market. And she actually is still going solid. A expert pianist and an exceptional song article writer, Keys has earned many accolades for her talent. This year 2010, she was included in the VH1's set of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and Billboard Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Performers of days gone by 25 Years. You could be wondering what is it about Alicia Keys that has produced her what she is today- a diva like no additional. Keys herself she's taken motivation from musical greats like Prince, Barbra Streisand, Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder. Her musical journey began extremely early in her life. At the tender age of seven, she became close friends with the piano and that relationship has been section of her life since.She even learned classical music by composers such as for example Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. Down the road Keys enrolled in the Professional Performing Arts School. And by enough time she was 14, she was writing her own songs as well. But these early yet humble beginnings paved the best way to a career that outshone everybody else in the industry. Her musical style is like no other. The piano is of course a major section of almost all Alicia Keys music. She heavily incorporates classical piano with R&B, soul and jazz into her tracks as the roots of her style are available gospel and classic soul music. Nonetheless it is normally her experimenting that has carved a special niche on her behalf. After her second studio album, she began experimenting with additional genres, including pop and rock. The result was an extremely different yet highly appealing style of music- R&B with a sultry dosage of neo-soul. Her following studio albums that incorporated this genre were breakout successes.Market greats described her design as consisting of "crawling blues coupled with a hip-hop backbeat" and she was referred to as "the first new pop artist of the millennium who was capable of changing music." But even with her newly developed signature style of music, classical piano riffs stayed the hero of every music of hers. But this is not all she can do. Alicia Keys images to be the entire musical package with melody writing too as part of her arsenal. She frequently writes about love, heartbreak and female empowerment and her lyrics are known to contact the hearts of people. Alicia Keys music video clips are also many of the most awaited television spectacles of the entire year. They will have even won different awards like the MTV Video Music Award for greatest in the R&B category for the Alicia Keys music video of her songs "Karma" and "EASILY ain't got you". An all pervasive super celebrity, Alicia Keys has really shown the world what a singing very star should be like. No-one can match to her specifications.Whilst Patrick is certainly in the ward, Pete Phones the authorities and Joe is still stuck in the working Theatre. The people in the ward could possibly be ghosts because the sufferers at least All appear to be either harmed and wounded or sickly and putting on hospital gowns. Gleam little girl on the ward receiving a balloon pet. If the individuals are ghosts which would make sense seeing as Linda Vista is well known for hauntings and everyone there appears pretty sickly then why is there Doctors and nurses, they wouldn't have died in a healthcare facility besides they don't look very sickly (I'm not counting the Sexy Nurse as an actual nurse). If they were meant to be ghosts why have a health care provider and nurse, why include them if individuals were a ghost and they weren't which means this makes me believe they are Hallucinations. Patrick places Joe through a windowpane and makes his method over to Joe's room, as Patrick walks down the corridor he can see flashing red lamps and all the sick people are dancing along behind him and Joe hides in a cupboard, the reddish colored could symbolise risk.As Patrick involves the door it reads "working theater" he opens it very easily. If a healthcare facility is abandoned why are there X-ray' in the operating Theatre , if the hospital is usually disused why would there still be X-rays? The X-rays are of what looks like the torso and some other body component I don't really recognize, Maybe they are meant to become Patrick's X-rays, they required out his organs therefore maybe they wished to discover what he looked like but then what's the other X-ray of? Click To See More why Joe couldn't open up the entranceway but Patrick opened up it with ease? Or did somebody lock him in and then unlock the door before Patrick got there? We are shown pictures of Andy and Pete reacting to the commotion, so when Patrick closes in on Joe we have been shown a shot of the phone on the floor to reveal that Pete has finished phoning the authorities. Patrick pulls Joe out of of the cupboard as Pete and Andy make their method to the Working Theatre, Joe discovers some type of cable to combat Patrick off but Patrick pins him to the operating table.

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